A great home remedy for dry hair. Health And Beauty Elite.

A great home remedy for dry hair. Health And Beauty Elite.
A great home remedy for dry hair. Health And Beauty Elite.

Like skin, hair is a true reflection of general health. Illness, malnutrition and stress have a negative effect on the health of the hair and then the hair starts to suffer from various problems. These problems include dryness, scurvy, hair loss and premature graying. These problems would be more serious and disturbing but there is a natural and natural solution to these problems.

Dry and dry:

 Dry scalp refers to straw-like white scales on the scalp that accumulate in the hair and then fall on the shoulders and clothes. In addition to damaging dry hair, it looks bad. It is the worst enemy of hair. It is usually the result of physical weakness. As the body's immune system weakens, so does the balance of sebaceous glands. The amount of moisture they secrete increases. This moisture accumulates on the skin like a thin membrane and then cracks and turns into small peels.

Drought is called dandruff in English and this problem is so common that this English word has become very common. Sometimes dryness is not limited to the scalp. The disease can spread to other parts of the body but is more prevalent on the scalp. It can also affect the eyelids, face and nose. When it accumulates in the scalp, it causes itching in the scalp. Brushing your hair or rubbing your fingers increases the precipitation of dry sugar particles. Occasionally there is a severe itching of the scalp and the skin becomes red and swollen due to itching. If you want to get rid of dry scalp long lasting, follow the home remedies below.

Scalp Cleansing:

The first thing to consider is regular scalp cleansing to minimize the accumulation of dead cells in case of dryness. Hair should be brushed daily. In addition to removing straw, it also increases blood circulation to the scalp. Dry scalp massage should also be done daily. This massage should be done on the whole head in a sequence with the tips of the fingers.

Coconut oil:

Olive or coconut oil should be well absorbed in the head while sleeping at night. In this way, the husk of straw or buffalo blooms well and is ready to be separated from the skin. In the morning, apply Amla, Saka Kai and Fenugreek seeds powder soaked in water overnight, apply it well on the hair roots and wash the head with lukewarm water. This way the drought will go away. This should be done at least two or three times a week.

Basin and beetroot:

 Another remedy is to wash the head with beetroot water or basin and apply it well by mixing pure vinegar in rose oil for a few days and in the morning basin, wheat straw, fenugreek seeds, rye and rose water and rose vinegar. Mix and wash well and when the hair is dry, apply jasmine oil or rose oil.

Fenugreek seeds:

Numerous home remedies have succeeded in relieving dryness. One of them is the use of fenugreek seeds. According to this recipe, soak two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds overnight. The next morning it will be soft. Coat these soft seeds and make a paste. Apply this paste on the scalp. Leave it on for half an hour. Then wash your head with lukewarm water or dry water. Afterwards wash your head with plain water and comb your hair with a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice for the last time. This will not only maintain the shine of the hair but also protect it from dry scalp. It is also a good recipe to wash your hair twice a week by mixing peanut powder in yogurt.


The use of relatively stale yogurt to get rid of dryness is also beneficial. Yogurt that has been kept in the open for two days without covering it, removes dandruff from the hair. Mixing a few drops of lemon juice and amla juice in yogurt and applying it in the hair every night before going to bed is also beneficial. Another way to get rid of dryness is to use vinegar. Mix vinegar in equal amount of water and apply it on hair while shampooing with cotton. Mixing vinegar in water after washing hair also helps to get rid of dryness.

Dietary Precautions:

In addition to using the above prescriptions, it is important to use a balanced and nutritious diet. Getting all the nutrients the body needs strengthens its immune system. Vitamin A and vitamin B deficiencies are often exacerbated. Full attention to nutrition is essential for good health. Caution is needed with sugar, strong tea or coffee, spices, pickles, refined grains and processed beverages, and foods made with flour and sugar. It also helps to stay barefoot in the sun for a while in the morning to combat dryness. Along with all these things, it also helps to keep the whole body in good health. This helps to relieve dryness.