How to keep body weight healthy?How is good health possible? Health And Beauty Elite

How to keep body weight healthy?How is good health possible? Health And Beauty Elite

How to keep body weight healthy?How is good health possible? Health And Beauty Elite 

A healthy diet and exercise play a key role in maintaining body weight. Learn about keeping your body weight healthy.

Important tips for children and young people to live a healthy life

Eat good food and stay active. It is important to think positively about yourself for a healthy lifestyle. Follow the Canadian Dietary Guide to Food. If you do not have a copy, get one from your dietitian

Here are four tips that can help you maintain a healthy weight:

  • Always be active and diligent
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Choose the healthiest food you can eat
  • Feel good about yourself

Stay active and diligent

  • Try to stay active in all seasons
  • Take part in a gym class
  • Increase your physical activity to 5 minutes a day
  • After consulting your physical therapist or doctor, do 3 to 4 minutes of strenuous exercise and 5 minutes of active physical activity 2 to 3 times a week.
  • Exercise to avoid getting bored
  • Do exercises that you can do in your surroundings or at home. Reduce your TV viewing time to 1 minute or less. Reduce it to 30 minutes daily

Follow healthy eating habits

  • Eat three meals a day. Don't miss any food, just have breakfast
  • If you feel hungry during the meal break, take a healthy snack, for example
  • It is good to have one to three healthy snacks with yoghurt, fruits, vegetables, wheat crackers and cheese.
  • Don't focus on the other side while eating. Avoid TVs, toys, and household chores.
  • Eat well According to the Canadian Food Guide, “I read about the amount of food I eat. If you do not know the exact amount of food you eat
  • Consult your dietitian.
  • Prefer eating at home rather than eating out



Always prepare healthy food

  Drinks :

  • Water is the best beverage, and you can drink sugar-rich beverages as well as milk.
  • Drink as much as is recommended. Use 2% or skimmed milk

  Vegetables And Fruits:

  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead of juice or dried and canned fruits
  • Do not drink more than one glass of juice daily
  • Eat canned fruit that is in juice instead of juice
  • Use lemon juice and spices to improve the taste of vegetables

 Cereals :

  • Use whole grain bread
  • It is better to use cereal cereals, do not use sweet cereals or granola

 Milk And Its Substitutes :

  • * Use 2% milk
  • Take cheese that contains 20% milk fat. On top of the packet is written 20% MF Gutable Cream, VP
  • Use syrup, cold milk, gelato, frozen yogurt instead of ice cream.
  • Reduce usage. Use low fat foods

 Meat And Its Substitutes :

  • Eat lean meat with hip and round herbs.
  • Peel a squash, grate it and eat it
  • Use water instead of tuna and other canned fish oil
  • Reduce the use of gravy and sauces
  • Pulses, soybeans, and tofu are excellent sources of protein                    

  • Banquet
  • A healthy lifestyle is a big part of the party. Sometimes it is important to have your own feast to eat a balanced diet

  • It is important to choose a healthy banquet
  • There are special occasions, holidays, exceptions
  • Express your thoughts on healthy eating here



 Thing Well Of Yourself :

Remember that healthy bodies can come in a variety of shapes and sizes

Change your lifestyle by making positive changes

Don't weigh all the time, always use a scale

Reward yourself for your efforts because you deserve it