How to make face cream? | Best night cream for women and men

How to make face cream? | Best night cream for women and men

How to make Night Cream

The post you have today is extremely useful and effective for all women and men.

It is true that there are many good creams in the market. And many of them have very good quality. But when you prepare your own cream for skin whitening, the trust level is high. And if you use all the prescription ingredients well, the effect will be even greater.

Everybody has a natural desire to remove the blurring of facial complexion. To satisfy that desire, today I will show you how to make a night cream based on a few natural ingredients for Allah's pleasure. Volley cream is several thousand times better and has no side effects.


Yogurt: Three tablespoons
Almonds: Eight digits
Two teaspoons of lemon juice
Two teaspoons of honey (pure)
Turmeric: Two pinch
Borax two Pinch

Synthesis and methodology used

Put the almonds in a blender or grinder to make them powder
Now combine honey, turmeric, honey, lemon juice, and yogurt in a pot and mix the almond powder in it.

Your night cream is ready

Store it in an airtight box

Wash face at night and apply night cream on face and neck.
Allow to soak for 15 to 20 minutes, then wash face with fresh water. Even if you want to apply all night, there is no harm. Wake up in the morning and wash face with cold freshwater. Never use soap to wash the face,

Daily use of this night cream will remove the scars on your face and also cause a discoloration in the color of your face.

Do not use this night cream in the daytime, as lemon juice can damage your skin by acting with sunlight.

Store this night cream in a closed container and keep it in the refrigerator and use the cream within seven days.