How Beauty Standards Affect Mental Health | What is Beauty

What is beauty and what are the beauty standards?

What is beauty and what are the beauty standards?

This is a question that concerns almost everyone. Because everyone wants to look beautiful. And everyone has different standards of beauty in mind. You can have any idol for beauty, it may even be good. Let us take you today to the true standard of beauty. At the end of this article, you must tell us whether we said it right or not.

What is beauty

Beauty is a blessing given by nature. Beauty is a treasure. The beauty is that if you look at yourself, confidence builds. Anything or person who, looking at it, wants to have it, this is beauty. You probably know that nature has created this universe in beauty. The basis of this universe is beauty, love. Because nature likes beauty. This is the reason that nature has made its attributes in man. That is why man likes beauty. Beauty is the name of a very good feeling. The lack of words to speak of beauty begins to decline. 

Unless you know the standards of beauty. You cannot feel the beauty. Because many people in this world are living upset because of not knowing the quality of beauty.  Because the quality of beauty is known then no one can be worried. Let's try to find the standards of beauty.

what are the beauty standards?

what are the beauty standards?

You may be surprised to know that beauty belongs to your own eye. If you look at the quality of beauty, the appearance of someone or the beauty of time, then this would be against beauty. Why the One who created this universe loves every human being more than 70 mothers. 

And it can't be that they don't make you beautiful. ALLAH has made every human being beautiful. Each color has its own beauty. Every face has a new glimpse of beauty. If a person is thin then he has his own beauty and likewise if someone is fat, he has his own beauty. I wonder! when I hear from someone who looks at a person and thinks they are ugly.

Pay attention!
How could one recognize Nature if all human beings had the same colors and faces? And how could anyone see the power of Almighty Allah? How can a human being say that pink is beautiful?

I give the example of an ordinary person. If an artist creates a picture, does he not paint all the colors in it? And when he creates a painting, can he call it ugly? No never Because he painstakingly made that picture, and he loves this painting. Because no artist makes things that he thinks will make him look bad.

When an ordinary human being cannot do so, how can the Almighty God, who created the whole world, make anyone ugly? ALLAH is the Greatest. She is very beautiful. And he has made everything beautiful.

How can I look beautiful?
Yes, here's how you should consider beauty. First, you see what your color is like. Then makeup accordingly. If your body is thick, do not wear too tight clothing. If you have a dark color, do not do dark makeup. Never apply to yourself by looking at others. For example, if someone is wearing a red dress, it is not necessary that you wear the same color. See for yourself what you like best. How will your beauty? Create your own identity. Define your beauty yourself.

The most important thing for the beauty that will glow your personality.

Put a smile on the face first. There is beauty in smiling. Better to smile than to laugh too much. Create a beautiful character. Good character is beauty. Too much anger can also cause distortion. Beauty is not separate from you. Beauty is inside you. You have beauty. The beauty of another person is not yours. You have your own situation.

Find the beauty within you. Beware of feeling inferior. Think, the other is good, but you are nothing less. Because everything is beautiful. All you need to do is make your look beautiful. And when you look beautiful, every human being is beautiful. Everything is beautiful. The beauty of your eyes and heart is a real beauty.