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Adopt very easy prescriptions and get a beautiful face 

Adopt very easy prescriptions and get a beautiful face
Beautiful Face

You pay close attention to the beauty of your skin and use different creams for it. Sometimes it also provides an advantage, but sometimes the harm is greater.

Most of us like to have beautiful skin, and no matter what, beautiful faces look good to everyone, there are many ways to focus on the skin, but it is important to keep the skin clean Because it expresses age and there are many other problems that women face.

Let us tell you the simplest prescriptions that will not only make your skin beautiful but also protect you from skin damage creams.

1- Prevent skin from stains.

2- Blocking lines and lines.

3- Protect against wrinkles.

4- And having moisture on the skin is extremely important because the skin of two persons of the same age will not tell the same age, as mental well-being and financial stability also affect the human skin.

Often forty-year-old businessmen, and employer men of similar age, you will clearly see each other differently.

One of the reasons for this type of skin change is how you treat your skin.
You have protected it from the cold and summer, we also nourish the skin.

Although this may sound silly you, the fact is, being angry all the time affects your nerves, but also your skin, and that hardness affects the innocence of your face.

Night Cream For Beautiful Face
Beautiful Face

Therefore, one should speak politely and gently for skin improvement.

For Beautiful Face
  • Communication should be conducted with confidence. You can control the wines that prematurely show you aging.
  • Don't let your life be stagnant. Excessive stagnation can affect your skin and Beautiful face in the form of wrinkles.
  • Every night before you go to bed, wash your face with cleansing cream and wash with cold water. You will notice a noticeable difference in your complexion and skin. And get will the Beautiful Face.
  • Drink water eight times a day, the amount of water removes the skin dryness and roughness.
  • Women who have more lubricating skin should avoid using things that are high in fat, such as fried foods, poultry foods, salads, and sauces.
  • Juices and fruits should definitely be added to your diet. They make the skin beautiful. For example, peaches, mangoes, grapes, all these seasonal fruits are in the market today And women should use it for a beautiful face.
  • Tomato, cucumber mask is very useful for the face. Applying it on the face not only cools but also protects your skin from the effects of the weather. And the beautiful face remains intact.
  • Fold the yogurt all over your face, gently wipe the face with your hands after dryness, then splash cold water on the mouth, you will see your skin transparent. And a beautiful face will appear.
  • Dry the orange and grind its peel. Use soap. After a few days, you will see your beautiful and shining face.
  • For women with dry skin, it is important to incorporate the habit of drinking one tablespoon of mineral oil daily into their daily activities. Also, use the best diet that is high in fat.
  • The use of vitamin A also refreshes dry skin. To be lean, do not be attracted to being hungry because it affects your skin first because it makes the body less, but the beautiful face and skin open up to affective.
  • Skin cleansing is extremely important, and we mention it again and again because one of the basic principles is to enhance the skin's aging. There are also some items found in the market, whose regular use plays an important role in skin safety, hygiene, moisture, and freshness.

Cleaner (Lotion)

This is a lotion used to remove makeup. It removes the hidden matter in your skin and cleanses the face, but it should be done only once a week or else it can be harmful. A better cleaner is one that is free of grease.

Astringent for Beautiful Face

It is a liquid that expels dirt to the inner layers of the skin and protects the skin from the excess oil inside the face. It is applied after cleansing. It contains alcohol, which is meant for the removal of bacteria and is useful for the skin. 

Moisturizer For Beautiful Face

It is a moisturizing product, It can be applied after a Astringent. The foundation is then set up.

Cream for the eyes

This cream is essential for women with dry skin, it can be applied before foundation, in addition to keeping lips soft, and can also be used.

Ubtan or cream of the same kind

They are common among women nowadays but gently wipe the face. Your skin also feels stiff, so take care of its delicate feel, you should use this type of face cleansing cream or ointment, but use Ubtan made from herbs twice a week.

Facial for Beautiful Face

Massage cream for facial cleansing. And then steam, it mixes the skin of your face and removes it from the massage, and this facial cleansing process is called facial.

Masks For Beautiful Face

The mask is applied after the facial to freshen up the face. It protects the skin from dead cells. You can also make masks at home. For example

1- Mask of egg white and honey

2- Egg yolk and lemon mask

In addition, masks made In the market also help to freshen up your skin.

Skin Cleaning For Beautiful Face
Beautiful Face

Night Cream For Beautiful Face

Apply the cream before going to bed at night. Wash its face and let it stay awhile, but when you sleep, clean the cream slightly with the face but do not rub.

Skin Cleaning For Beautiful Face

If you go out daily, be sure to wash your face with a good soap in return.

Before going to bed at night, the face must be cleaned, as well as cleaning the teeth as well as washing the face.

After waking up in the morning, wash the face with an Astringent face and wipe the face. Then apply moisturizer before makeup. Make water a habit, for a beautiful face.

Before going to bed

Take a thorough look at your face in the mirror with clear light before you go to bed to clean up your makeup all day. If there is a wrinkle or a slight line appearing on the face, treat it immediately. That means your skin needs more moisturizer. Massage the area thoroughly with olive oil. After a while, the wrinkle or line will disappear.

Good sleep refreshes you (Beautiful Face)

1- Before going to bed, a glass of warm milk, which contains amino acids, is natural sleep medicine. Beautiful face

2- If there is the inconvenience of the waist, sleeping on the knees with the pillow can help calm the sleep. Never sleep on the stomach that is harmful to the waist. It also damages your skin.

3- Do not change the crotch on the bed, but get up and read a book. Take a walk will automatically get sleep.

4- Having a bath also makes the sleep more comfortable.

5- Make it a habit to get up at a fixed time in the morning, otherwise the appearance of your skin affects your personality and your beautiful face.

6- Avoid excessive tea and coffee as it is the enemy of both your sleep and your health.

7-Make it a habit to read before going to bed. Beautiful Face

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