Causes and treatment of mouth odor

Causes and treatment of mouth odor

mouth odor, Of course, it spoils the whole personality.

But why does it odor in the mouth and what is the reason?
Stomach upset. cause of mouth odor

The biggest and most important cause is stomach upset, which causes mouth odor. If your stomach is bad, your stomach is irritated, or your food is not digested and it causes nausea. You will definitely smell from your mouth.

Distance from carbohydrates

When you eliminate carbohydrates from food and put too much emphasis on protein, the body starts to dissolve fat for energy. During this process, a chemical ingredient called ketones, which causes bad breath, If this happens, dental hygiene also does not solve the problem.

Causes of nausea and colds, mouth and respiratory odor
Respiratory tract infections like nasal colds and coughs also cause respiratory odor, which causes bacteria in the nose.

Some kind of wound - causes of mouth odor
By the way, the wound is not a problem, but a certain type of bacteria present in it can cause bad breath.

Specific Medicines - causes of mouth odor
There are a number of medicines that affect the amount of saliva combustion in the mouth, it is the fluid that cleanses the food particles and bacteria in the mouth, it should be consulted by the doctor, however high doses. Drinking water and using sugar-free chewing gum can also be useful.

Tonsil stone - causes of mouth odor
These small white particles are made up of bacteria, food particles, dead cells, and nasal material, which are trapped in the tonsils and back of the tongue, so they are not harmful but can cause bad breath. Of course, they often disappear on their own, but this process can also be accelerated by soaking them with saline water.

Dry fruits - causes of mouth odor
Dry apricots, or similar fruits, have a lot of sugar and odor-producing bacteria, while these fruits often stick to the teeth, which also increases the odor of breath, so eat these fruits. After the interruption and brush must.

Cracks in the teeth - causes of mouth odor
If there is more space between the teeth, the food particles are more entangled and bacterial reproduction is increased, resulting in dental diseases, gum diseases and odor in the mouth.

Mouth Ador | What can be the Symptoms of Diseases?

Mouth Ador | What can be the Symptoms of Diseases?
In fact, bad breath and mouth odor can also be the result of kidney or liver problems. While the system also expresses respiratory problems like pneumonia, diabetes, and acidity.

Likewise, it can also be a warning sign of gum diseases, which can result in the accumulation of bacteria, which, if left untreated, can increase the risk of heart or stroke.

To prevent this from brushing your teeth twice a day, change your toothbrush in 2 to 3 months or after a disease, take a new brush and remove trapped fibers between teeth.

Avoid smoking, drinking too much water retains moisture in the mouth while chewing gum also increases the amount of saliva combustion, which eliminates food ingredients and bacteria.

Basically, all nutrients are converted into pieces inside the mouth and if you eat high-smell foods, such as garlic or onion, dental cleansing or mouthwash can temporarily hide their smell, and they It does not last until these nutrients pass through the body. If the teeth are not brushed daily, the ingredients of the food are left in the mouth, causing an increase in the number of germs in the teeth, gums, and tongue that cause bad breath.

However, the fact that it is not so difficult to get rid of, there are some ways that can get rid of this problem in 5 minutes.

Cleaning the mouth
Bacteria in the tongue are a major cause of breathlessness, daily cleaning of your tongue with a toothbrush or tongue cleansing tool can prevent this problem, as well as brushing and disrupting it twice a day. It helps protect against odor.

Treatment of mouth odor with mint or coriander
If you are at an event and are troubled by the smell of the breath, chewing mint or coriander leaves can help with this problem; these leaves do not clean the teeth but suppress their aroma. The method is very effective but is useful in the short run.

Treatment of mouth odor with Lemon
Lemons are not only beneficial for health but also very effective in relieving the smell of the breath, as it kills the bacteria in the mouth that cause this smell. Suck a slice of lemon or squeeze a glass of water into it. This method is also effective in relieving the smell of garlic or onion after eating.

Drinking an appropriate amount of water, treating the odor of mouth
An adequate amount of water in the body is very important for the health of the mouth. Dehydration or dehydration increases the risk of various mouth diseases including respiratory distress. It can also prevent the breath from stinking.

Eat an apple, treating the odor of mouth
The fruit contains a high amount of water which increases the amount of saliva combustion in the mouth, which eliminates the bacteria that cause respiratory odor.

Treatment of mouth odor by using tea
According to medical experts, the beverage selected in the morning can also help to relieve the breath, which is useful for the use of green tea or unprocessed milk, due to the presence of polyphenols in these drinks. Which reduces the bacteria and sulfur compound in the mouth.

Treatment of mouth odor with chewing gum
If you are worried about bad breath, it can also help with chewing gum and yes smoking can also cause bad breath.