A few tips for beauty, the beauty of your face

A few tips for beauty, the beauty of your face

How to Beautiful Face?

We all know that the beauty of the human face is a good blessing from Allah. This is why most women do it day and night to protect their beauty. Sometimes new creams are being tested for beauty, while the secrets of the beauty of well-known actresses are being discovered. Most women spend money on expensive beauty parlors for beauty and even buy imported cosmetics.

Many women, especially girls' skin, look and feel dead despite all these efforts. Then they abandon everything and try to do indigenous methods, so that their true beauty returns, because too many experiences, instead of beautifying their face, would have turned into wrinkles, shadows, and blurred spots Are.

When it comes to natural products, herbs, and indigenous prescriptions, it is understood that nature has hidden precious treasures of health and beauty within them.

Many women use chemicals, shampoos and creams to enhance the beauty of their hair, face, hands, and feet.

This only gains timely beauty, but we may not be aware that the negative effects of these things are far beyond their benefit.

It is very important for women to know how to protect the beauty of the face, eyes, hair, and hands so that they can master the beauty. It has been observed that almost every girl has problems with nail acne, falling hair, scar spots and shadows after the age of sixteen.

The best solution to this is simple household tips.

Apples and carrots are perfect for both eyes and skin.

Use carrot juice on the face for a few minutes, and allow to remain for 15 minutes, coating two, three times when dry in the middle.
This will increase the brightness of the face. To avoid the effects of the weather, add a few drops of honey, honey or milk in the face for 15 minutes a day or night, and repeat this procedure three to four times a week.
Another way is to mix a banana thoroughly with a spoonful of yogurt, two drops of ginger almonds and apply it on the entire face and neck for fifteen to twenty minutes, using a few times to get the best results. Will Almond paste is also best for the skin.

Its method is to soak the almonds at night, and in the morning remove the peel and mash. Mix some yogurt or milk and turmeric for fifteen minutes.

Also, make a paste of boiled potatoes. Add two drops of lemon juice, half a teaspoon of honey, a little milk or yogurt, two pinches of turmeric powder and one tablespoon of almonds to the hands and feet.
Let the mixture remain for fifteen to twenty minutes, then remove the rubbing rubs and after washing, put a little salt in the warm water for five to seven minutes and then clean it. This will eliminate the black spots on the fingers provided they continue to repeat the process.